Artista: Minimal Evil
Título: Less Is More
Formato: Digital / EP
Discográfica: Manifest Northwest Recordings (USA)
Referencia: MNW009
Estilos musicales: Minimal, Techno
Fecha de lanzamiento: 08-08-2010

Tres nuevas producciones originales bajo el alias Minimal Evil, en esta ocasión minimal y techno, para el sello estadounidense Manifest Northwest Recordings.

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Tracklist Completo:

Minimal Evil - The Bomb

Release Notes:

Less is more: A concept dating back to the 1850's and yet still prevelant today. In our latest we feature three prime dancefloor movers that truly fit the less is more aesthetic like a glove. Filters and clicks keep your feet bouncing as the percussive monster that is "Less Is More" builds it's strength. Following the same proven formula, Renaissance continues to push the boundaries of just how good it can get. Ending with a bang, The Bomb drops the beat down, infusing a wee bit of electro into the mix with a little dose of 80's playtime fun. All said, this showing from one of Spain's finest was made with good times in mind.

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